Sunday Reflection – 7/3/20

Dear Church Family We hope you are well and encouraged by the gradual arrival of Spring. I have attached three pictures from the churchyard. Two of these show some beautiful spring flowers in the early morning sun and the third shows you that work is going forward on the tower. Thank you again for the… Continue reading Sunday Reflection – 7/3/20

Sunday Reflection – 28/2/21

Dear Church Family I write this as the sun is revealing Tollerton at it’s beautiful Spring best. The daffodils are opening in the garden to join this years awesome display of snowdrops and there is the beginning of the feel that this long hard start to 2021 is giving away to the green shoots of… Continue reading Sunday Reflection – 28/2/21

Sunday Reflection – 21/2/21

Dear Church Family Greetings once again, as we head deeper into Lent. We hope you found the Ash Wednesday act of worship helpful. It has been heartening to see some progress this week with falling figures and increasing numbers of people vaccinated. We wait to see what Monday brings to discover the plan for returning… Continue reading Sunday Reflection – 21/2/21

Ash Wednesday and Lent

Dear Church Family Greetings on this Shrove Tuesday. Carol and I hope you enjoy your lockdown pancakes. Bishop Paul is producing  a brief thought for each week in Lent. They focus on caring for ourselves, physically emotionally and spiritually. As you will have noticed he likes to get outside whenever possible and this reflection is… Continue reading Ash Wednesday and Lent

Sunday Reflection -14/2/21

Dear Church Family. Carol and I hope you are all well and keeping warm. Our outside thermometer showed minus 7 this week. We continue to do life from the Rectory, but the wonderful news is that we have both received our first vaccination! Technology has helped us work rest and play this week. The whole… Continue reading Sunday Reflection -14/2/21

Sunday Reflection – 7/2/21

Dear Church Family Once again greetings from Carol and myself. We hope you are all keeping well as we approach the month milestone for lockdown 3. First the splendid good news. +++ Stop Press +++ Ruth Hartley has joined the ranks of the grandparents. Lovely baby girl 7lbs: No name yet (more details to follow)… Continue reading Sunday Reflection – 7/2/21

Sunday Reflection – 24/1/21

Dear Church Family Greetings from Carol and I at the end of another lockdown week that has seen momentous things. Like us, you would have been relieved that the transition of power in America went ahead without the horrific scenes of two weeks ago. Much was said by the incoming presidential team that brought encouragement.… Continue reading Sunday Reflection – 24/1/21

Sunday Reflection – 17/1/21

Dear Church Family Greetings from The Rectory. It has been another sobering week with the COVID situation worsening. This has prompted changes for Carol and I, following lots of dialogue with the children. With their support, we have suspended our role in two support bubbles (one for my single daughter and one for childcare support… Continue reading Sunday Reflection – 17/1/21