The Organ

The Forster & Andrews Organ

1909 – 2009

Originally donated in 1909 by WE Burnside of Tollerton Hall and installed at a cost of £595, the organ was overhauled and cleaned in the 1930’s by Roger Yates, and a Tremulant stop added to the Swell.

The 100 year old organ has been played from two very different consoles during its time in the church. The left hand picture below shows the original detached console which was a pneumatic action drawstop console situated at the front right hand side of the nave with the player facing into the chancel.










In 1959 Bernard Hopewell, who was organist at the time, paid for a major overhaul and a new electric console was installed in the Squire’s Gallery at the west end of the Church, shown above on the right. The pneumatic action was converted to electro-pneumatic and a small Open Diapason 8 stop added to the Great.  The electric action gave the opportunity for more couplers and pistons .The organ was again cleaned in the early 1980’s.

1909 specification:

Swell Great
Leiblich Bourdon 16 Open Diapason 8
Violin Diapason 8 Stopped Diapason 8
Leiblich Gedact 8 Harmonic Flute 4
Echo Gamba 8 Dulciana 8
Voix Celeste 8 Principal 4
Gemshorn 4 Piccola 2
Mixture  II
Closed Horn 8
Clarinet 8
Bourdon 16 Bass Flute 8
SW to GR SW to PED GT to PED
Two Composition Pedals to each Manual


The organ is in good condition and has recently been thoroughly overhauled and retuned. All the pipes have been removed and repaired and cracks in the woodwork of the soundboard have been sealed to stop wind leaking from one pipe to another.

The organ has been in use since 1909 for accompanying Sunday services, weddings, funerals, civic occasions and, in recent years, for a number of recitals and concerts as well as providing teaching and practice facilities for young organists.