Sermon – 9th August

John Ortberg wrote that book with the splendid title: – If you want to walk on water first you have to get out of the boat. It’s a book about faith and like all his works manages to be challenging and humorous at the same time. This has always been a favourite story. It was… Continue reading Sermon – 9th August

Coronavirus Update 24

Dear Clergy, Readers/LLMs and churchwardens, You may have seen that there has been an announcement from the Prime Minister this morning that face coverings will be mandatory in places of worship from Sunday 8th August. Regrettably we were not aware of this when the previous update was sent, but we felt that some further clarification… Continue reading Coronavirus Update 24

Sermon – 2nd August

Well who would have thought when I led you in a celebration of Holy Communion on March the first that none of us would take communion again for 22 weeks. I will tell you later about the first time I took communion in 1968 but in the 52 years since there has never been a… Continue reading Sermon – 2nd August