Plans for new 420-pupil Church school in West Bridgford

The Church of England is bidding to open a new 420-pupil primary school to serve a major housing development in West Bridgford.

Hundreds of new homes are being built as part of the Melton Road Development in the Edwalton area.

The Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham has applied to the Department for Education to open the school, which will be called the Emmaus Church of England Primary School, to cater for the predicted increase in pupil numbers as families move into the new homes.

If the bid is accepted, the school will become part of the diocese’s Multi Academy Trust, which looks after a growing number of schools across Nottinghamshire.

Claire Meese, Education Director for the Diocese, said the new school would offer choice to parents and a first class education to their children: “If our application succeeds the school will stand at the heart of the community and will be open to everyone – those of all faiths and none.

Church schools offer a great education to thousands of children across the country while working to develop values and ideals such as respect, love, hope, compassion, justice, forgiveness, faith and service.”

Up to 1,500 homes, the school, a neighbourhood centre and other community facilities will be built on the site by the developer. It is thought the new school could open as early as 2019.

The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham already has 71schools, 64 primary and 7 secondary.

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